June 18, 2021


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Snake Eyes producer says film focuses on hero

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GIJoe Origins star Henry Golding in Character as Snake Eyes climbs a stone staircase in a still image from the film.

Henry Golding as Snake Eyes, or at least as Snake-Eyes-to-be.
Photo: Primordial

There were a lot of issues with the 2009 film GI Joe: Rise of Cobramany things. But it looks like the upcoming movie Origins of GI Joe: Snake Eyes understood to avoid them, and thus create the GI Joe franchise of films that previous films failed to do. First and foremost on this list? Don’t worry about GI Joe.

If you weren’t a savvy enough fan of the franchise when Rise of Cobra came out, watching the movie must have been overwhelming and frustrating. It throws so much on the public – the existence of GI Joe, Destro and his metal-destroying nanobots, nuclear weapons, Duke’s ex-fiancée inexplicably part of a terrorist organization, evil robot soldiers, a dude. that can change shape for some reason, a bunch of ninja kids, I could go on and on. There is never any ground to rely on. People show up and things simply happen.

This does not seem to be the case with Snake-eyes, which is, as the title suggests, about the origin of the fan favorite character (played by Henry Golding), more specifically his training with the ninja clan Arashikage and his rivalry friendship with Storm Shadow, and how the two warriors are ultimately drawn into the bigger GI Joe and Cobra conflict, respectively. As the producer Lorenzo di Bonaventura said Weekly entertainment:

“Cobra and GI Joe take a back seat to the internal drama of the Arashikage and the [Snake Eyes] character. They are absolutely an item, but they see it this way: you meet someone, watch their struggle, the struggle leads to the world of GI Joe and Cobra. It doesn’t start out as a GI Joe-Cobra movie. It starts off as an Arashikage movie, a Snake Eyes character arc. You realize that the Arashikage, as they have traditionally been, are affiliated with the Joes, so that brings Cobra. There is a gradual revelation that there is a bigger world here. “

This has been explored in Rise of Cobrayes, but he was given just enough time to distract himself from the main movie but not enough time to be convincing on his own. Yes Snake-eyes succeeds however, this will give the audience a door to enter the weird world of sci-fi GI Joe. And assuming the movie doesn’t portray Snake Eyes as a badass blank slate – which Golding says he’s not in the same EW interview, and there are enough stills from Golding’s movie without the mask. Snake Eyes on it makes me feel pretty confident he’s right – this will give audiences a reason to genuinely care about this mute character (who stops speaking for various tragic reasons in various media Joe) if he doesn’t. religiously watched the 80s cartoon subscribed. This is potentially the perfect setup for the franchise.

“Potentially” being the key word; we will know when Origins of GI Joe: Snake Eyes premieres July 23.

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