May 8, 2021


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Apple reopens 270 stores in the US, for now

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For the first time in almost a year, all in the United States are open. When the pandemic made its way to the United States and Apple announced that it was temporarily closing some of its retail outlets, the company said its intention was to start reopening on March 27, 2020. But then As the pandemic progressed and the situation changed, Apple was forced to adapt.

In May of last year, the company began to reopen the majority of its stores. However, following a recent , it was not possible to visit all the stores. That changed today when stores in Dallas, Houston and San Antonio reopened to the public. Having said that, as , many sites still operate with some form of restrictions in place. For example, your local Apple Store can only offer in-person purchases if you make an appointment. In still other states and cities, they can only be opened for express pickup and Genius appointments. It goes without saying that the situation could change at any time as Apple responds to updated health guidelines.

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