May 8, 2021


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The loan! Model 100 is a Raspberry Pi case for cyberpunk enthusiasts

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Thanks to their small size and low power consumption, single board computers like the Raspberry Pi can come in all shapes and sizes. We saw handymen like Guy Dupont put $ 10 in the shell of a to create a device that can access Spotify. But few are as cool as this recent Kickstarter project we spotted a Toronto based company called Ready! Computer Corporation.

The company Ready! The Model 100 is basically an enclosure for your single board computer that includes a mechanical keyboard, stereo speakers, a touchscreen, and enough I / O ports to connect almost anything you need. The enclosure allows you to install an SBC the size of a Intel NUC 4×4 card. Oh, and you can carry it with a guitar strap. Basically this allows you to create the cyberdeck of your dreams.

Ready! Computer Corporation

The loan! The model 100 is available in two main references. There’s a barebones Pro model, priced at around $ 237, which will ship without SBCs or keyboard switches so you can configure it however you like. Meanwhile, the $ 395 “Neo” model includes everything you need to get started using the device out of the box. You can also buy the NEO without an SBC if you already have one lying around. And for those who are really ambitious, there is a $ 1,100 Deluxe model that comes with a Ryzen 4×4 card, 16GB of RAM, and a 512GB SSD.

“I wanted something that I could easily fix or improve, and I was inspired by vintage machines from the 1980s,” Ready! Model 100 creator Jesse Lafleur told Engadget when we asked him about the inspiration for the project. “… I launched this Kickstarter to find other like-minded people who want a machine they can upgrade for years to come or who just love my design.” With six days remaining, the project has raised CAD 97,377 of its goal of $ 199,999 (approximately $ 158,000).

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